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anybody swapped carvin pickups for dimarzios?


confused about the wire colour coding...and the carvin has 3 wires plus earth and the dimarzios have 4 wires plus earth...


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I can't help with the wiring but be aware that I believe the pickup and pickup ring sizing is different. I looked into changing the ones on my DC127 but given the possible sizing issues I just left it alone.


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I replaced my Carvins with Duncans. I used to have documentation for those and Dimarzios. I'll see if I still have it.


I just put a Tone Zone and PAF Joe on my Ibanez...Ibanez pickups had 3 wires as well.
On the Dimarzio's, White and Black get tied together and went to White location. Red goes to Red, Green goes to ground.
All sounds well with my swap =)


yes, it wasn't the dimarzio wiring that was the problem...it was the carvin colour coding that i couldn't find anything on. i just needed to know what the red and white equalled on the dimarzios. anyway...all done...! :O)
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