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Anybody on a diet?


In what way?
People don't realize how much they're eating. They diet and lose weight, and they mistakenly believe that they're eating more than they ate before, and that their weight loss was caused by special food combinations or timing or whatever fad diet they're following, when in fact they simply cut their Calorie intake in a way that they could sustain.


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...when in fact they simply cut their Calorie intake in a way that they could sustain.

Absolutely, that's the key.

The other mistake people make, is that they starve themselves, thinking that they will lose weight. It's true, but only up to a certain point. The body is amazing and will do everything it can to survive. After about 6 days of 'starving', your body will go into a defensive mode in order to do what it has to, to protect the brain, the most vital organ.

The body will stop burning fat for energy and it will start to consume muscle in order to produce glucose to feed the brain. Fat is the last the thing the body will use as a source of energy.

This is the mistake I used to make. I could lose weight, by not eating or eating very little, but it was at the price of losing muscle mass. Now by keeping my calories at the level I need above my BMR, based only my level of physical activity and by increasing my protein intake, which builds and maintains muscle, I've been able to burn only fat.
<-- diabetic. Always conscious of what I'm putting in my body. Not always successful (I'm human after all), but probably more in tune with what I'm consuming than your average Joe-Blow.

After 25+ years of this circus, I've come to the conclusion that moderation is they key to any successful effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no "one size fits all" solution to a healthy diet, and anyone who tries to sell that lifestyle is not only lying to you, but themselves as well. FACT!

The above is what works for me. You do you, I'll do me. Live and let live. Not gonna argue with anyone about it, but I'll gladly watch (and laugh) while some may try. LOL
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while studying nutrition I tried a vegan diet because I got curious. been on it since than. 5 years now.
Helped me cure some major problems and it had some other "tiny" positive effects like I haven't been sick since those 5 years were in comparison I got sick at least twice a year and got flue several times. Did the job for me so I stick with it.
Never had weight problems beside being too skinny, got that solved with regular training and the plant based diet.
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