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Any way to save FC-6 & FC-12 setups separately?


Received the FC-6 a couple weeks ago. Set it up at home for live use.
2 weeks later, got the FC-12, connected it at home to check out the default settings.
Didn't have time to customize anything. I had 2 gigs, one with the FC-6 & one with the FC-12.
Did the 1st gig with the FC-6 (without hooking it up again since using the FC-12).

The FC-6 loaded up with the FC-12 settings (the last thing I had connected),
and screwed up the layouts I had previously set up for the FC-6. So I had to
go in and reprogram a bunch of stuff at the gig to get the FC-6 back to the way
I left it.

I know I should have checked this before I left the house, but I thought the AxeIII
would save a setup for each unit separately. Surprise.

Is there a way to have the correct configuration load for the controller currently connected?



i haven't used 2 FC controllers yet - i hope to do so very soon.

since 4 FCs can be connected total, i think you have use the FC 1 - 4 options to set what is what. i don't know more detail at this time, as i'd need 2 FCs myself to find out for sure.


I've got 2 weeks till next gig. I'll dig in and see what works.
Maybe I missed the 1-4 detail.

Thanks Chris


I'm hoping for the same thing- the ability to use FC1 for the FC-6, FC2 for the FC-12, and FC3 and FC4 for a link layout monster rig with both boards working together would be absolutely great, so you could take either the 6, 12 or both to a gig depending on needs.
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