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Any upcoming feat. for MFC 101 pedalboard with 2 lightbulb per switch (instead of 1)



Any plan to equip the MFC 101 pedalboard with a second lightbulb (similar to Ax8 I believe) for each switch, instead of the current single light? I would upgrade my MFC mk III in a heartbeat then..

From what I have read, there is no easy way to leverage the XY capabilities of the Axe FX, using only one switch. I would love to be able to assign a given switch to an XY pedal block and choose from 4 states:
- Light #1: Block on or off
- Light #2: X or Y

While a change to the design and hardware, it looks like it would exponentially increase the ease of the use. Also I would think that the competition would start filling the market with that feature, in case Fractal does not implement.

What do you guys think?


Better software would be nice too. The irony, you have to pay for the software and it's like the worst UX out of all the software interfaces.

I really like what the did with AX8 Edit. Makes it really easy to configure your unit/switches. Obviously the hardware is a bit different on the MFC-101, but it would be a lot cooler working with USB instead of ancient MIDI cables and Java based software, like it's 1996.


I can't really imagine much demand for the two light setup given you can use scenes to change sounds in a present and other switches are minor variations to the scene. I would be nice if the feature set of the MFC was expanded so it could more easily control other midi devices. Or have pages (even if only two) similarly to the rjm midi controllers.
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