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Any Reason not to Update to V15?


I'm still back on V14. I haven't downloaded V15 because I thought some people said that it really messes with your patches, is this true? I have a bunch of those sweet Metallica presets that someone put out. Will it really mess with them? Any other reason not to download it?


Nope, its the best FW to date.

The AFD amp alone makes it worth it, and the passive eq's are also pretty sweet.

Cliff and Co. simply aren't in the business of making their product sound worse. They have a near obsessive desire to just keep on improving things, and freely giving those benefits to the customer


Yes if you go FW14 to FW15 your overall tone will chance ,because there have been added some new tone quality updates in FW15.
15.x will thrash those original Metallica presets (no pun intended), but fortunately they have all been reworked and posted for 15.x (thanks again Jon). I'm not sure why anybody would advise you it can't negatively affect anything. There are reworked factory presets for 15.x as well. I wouldn't upgrade right before a gig or anything. 15.x is an improvement but it comes at a price.


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Like with all other FW updates before, I just kept my old presets and made some changes only but did not start from the scratch. That way still works, yes, and I had no crash or issues or anything. But the changes are not options, you need to do reauditions and corrections. My old presets did sound different after the update, some more and some less, and the volumes of my presets were not balanced anymore.


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If you are a deep Amp Block tweaker, if you have many presets with unique amp setups, if you spent a lot of time dialing in your presets to fit a mix so when you play with your band, going direct requires no additional FoH or monitor EQ, then upgrading to V15 will be a lot of work redoing the amps and EQs.

If you are a 2-3 amps in 5-10 presets kind of guy, and don't really tweak more than the tone and gain, then it will be an easy transition, as has been acclaimed by those types here on the forums.


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Dont upgrade to FW15 if you have a gig in 2 days in front of 100,000 people and you are somehow incapable of backing up your patches so you can roll back if necessary. Otherwise if you have mission critical gig patches schedule a couple of hours tweaking time on the off chance the sound changes (for the worse). That us unlikely, so you can probably just use that time enjoying FW15 :)
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