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Any music/guitar stores to check out on Hawaii? Or Pawn stores for that matter?


Guys.. gear here in Australia is SO expensive compared to the US and some other countries.

I've been to Hawaii 3 times and have come back with purchases twice now :D and, well, the wife and I are going in Feb, so I'm hoping to get lucky again.

I've been to a few guitar stores but don't recall any of them having Fractal gear. Can anyone recommend any good music/guitar stores that may stock Fractal gear? Alternatively, are there any decent Pawn Stores that sell amps/guitars etc that are worth checking out? Kinda hoping to pick up an AX8 if I'm lucky to find one. I've got the Axe-2 & an FX8, just looking to complete the trio with an AX8 if luck happens to find me.

A friend once told me to check out some Pawn Stores as they can get some good gear from time to time, but I wouldn't know where to start or where to look.

Any advice/recommendations is welcomed. Thanks in advance guys.



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When I lived there all my deals were through craigslist - perhaps start checking there in January and set up some meetings? ;)


Fractal things:
LOL I really don't get out much, so I'm pretty ignorant about local pawn shops. Anything used, I've bought from craigslist or ebay.

Guitar in general:
I've only been here a couple of times for small items, before I started getting everything online. They were nice each time.

I've never been here, but I'm pretty sure this is where our other guitarist got his guitars set up, and has been happy.

They used to be a mall music store, then relocated a couple of times. They probably have the largest inventory. I bought a Line6 Guitar Port there when they first came out (remember those?) for Windows 95 or 98, lol. That was decades ago, and I haven't been back there.

I only mentioned those that I've visited at least once, or know someone who has. Here's a yelp listing for a bunch of others:

Rock on


Thanks!! @Desmo808 I'll give those a try.

A friend of mine picked up a near mint Fender a few years back (worth $3000+ here in Australia) and he snagged it for $700US, which was from a Pawn Store...!!


Could you buy a new AX8 at the current sale price, but have it delivered to your hotel?
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