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Any ideas when new AXE EDIT will be dropping?


does anyone know what will be in the new version. Been hoping they would fix the fuzzy graphics on the interface. Yeah, the other functions and to match the new firmware is the main part i know, but so many people cant get a proper resolution with their particular computer screen. there is no options for video settings and everything is using png files or something instead of vector, so when you expand to fit your screen everything is a little off / fuzzy. Hope this gets fixed. Simply vector image everything and its done. Im using 1440P and a 1080P screen and both are fuzzy. Yeah i know others will say: "oh its fine for me", but they wont be looking at the graphics any how, only if its working correctly for tuning the axe. anyhow .... ....


Fractal Fanatic
New version of Axe Edit follow the official release of firmware, not public betas. Also I doubt they are redesigning the graphics.
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