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Any connection problems?


Fractal Fanatic
Invitation for the FM9 came.

I've been having a lot of connection problems with my FM3 and editor.

Anyone have this with FM9, or is that no longer an issue?


Joe Bfstplk

Was having a lot of issues with the longer MIDI cable, but less now.

Occasionally have to reboot it when the unit freezes. Still passes audio, but unresponsive to controls and even the tempo light and tap tempo switch stop blinking. Working with presets pared down to just Wah, comp/drive/filter, amp, cab, PEQ, VolPan in FX3 in prep for import into FM9. Some presets are fine, some a bit crankier. None are over 65% and many quite a bit less....


Spoke too soon. Just downloaded new driver ver. 5.22 for FM9.
Installed and it connected immediately!

Just hooked up my new FM9 (received today). Will not connect to FM9 Edit.
Same cable I use with my Axe III. Tried several ports. FM9 is recognized by Computer
on startup, but FM9 Edit will not connect. I think I have the newest drivers loaded.

Any suggestions? The Axe III connects all the time with the same setup

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