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Any bedroom only players using an Axe-Fx 3?


Fractal Fanatic
98% of my time spent playing is alone at home. As my own biggest critic, I need the very best I can get. As my own biggest fan, it's awesome to know I sound as good as possible!
Yeah, but I'm sure you got your Axe FX way cheaper than us.. :rolleyes::p


Home studio only player here - not bedroom :D. The Axe FX3 helped me to quit GAS. I seriously went through that many amps, speakers and cabs it was crazy. Always chasing the tone and wanting to experiment. Like you, I sold my XL2+ to help fund the 3. Best gear move I ever made (after buying the XL2+). The 3 allows for more extensive preset builds with more amps and more cabs which makes it easier to compare and enjoy (plus more effects). I don't think there is a better "tone teaching" tool on the planet. Want to know what a certain amp sounds like? Speaker? Cab? It's all there and regardless of whether the result is identical to the real amp, I know they are damn close and totally meet my needs. Time is valuable to all of us so if I only have an hour a week to play, I want to use it on the best gear possible for maximum enjoyment. As a guitar builder I also need to test guitars through a variety of amps and I love knowing I have them all on tap with the 3.

The AXE FX3 totally cured my GAS. No need to buy amps and cabs now!

*Goes back to obsessively planning next guitar build and shopping for a 5 string bass. Oh and I need new studio monitors aaaand I should probably buy some bass traps, oh and I think I want to do a pickup swap in my strat. Hmm maybe try a vintage Big Muff in front of the Axe....* Yeah....my GAS is totally cured LOL


New Member
im mostly a bedroom player now. i bought the Axefx iii cause it sounds great at any volume plus the headset sounds great for late night after kids are asleep. i will never need a new amp. if i want to play a fender twin i got that. mesa or engle i got that as well. the dumble ODS that cost as much as a car... yep got that too. i find it great and it has every effect pedal you could ever want. it is expensive but it is cheaper than buying amps that do all of that. let alone the pedals
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