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Any bedroom only players using an Axe-Fx 3?


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I compromised and let my wife turn the living room into a room for our 3 cats and 4 dogs. We also have a 3rd bedroom and family room upstairs that she pretty much uses as a walk in closet. I got the master bedroom and basement and she got the rest of the house, 2 TV's and Candy Crush :rolleyes:
Hmmm. Not sure if it worth it for me.





What do you do with the bass pedals...that’s cool

I use the MIDI bass pedals to play guitar over chord progressions (I don't want to invite a keyboard player into my small room :p). I play through VST Chord Generators like Cthulhu, Scaler or InstaChord. It is very fun, and educational.

I started to build my own, based on Arduino Controller and 3D printed pedal-keys, but I found that old Korg very cheap.
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To me, the bedroom/music room is an ideal place for Fractal Audio gear. Consider their ability to make sounds that otherwise couldn't be obtained without sheer volume. It's a way to get the feel of a well gain-staged amp at volumes that work with a baby in the next room. With a band, you can use amps... with a baby you can not.

Kamil Kisiel

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Using it at home is exactly the reason I bought an Axe FX in the first place. If it was just a studio or jam space where I could have loud amp tones all the time I might use a real amp. But I live in a wood frame apartment building, there's just no way I can use a guitar amp here without pissing off all my neighbours. I even had a Roland JC-40 for a while but I couldn't turn it up past 1 without it being too loud. I also couldn't achieve most of the tones I wanted. I also had a Mesa Rectifier Recording Preamp for a while which actually was really cool, but the cabinet emulation was kind of weak and there was no way to get the power amp aspect of the tone involved. Axe FX has solved all those problems for me, and also allowed me to sell off all my guitar pedals. It lets me have the exact same tones no matter were I play, and I can keep a huge library of patches for different sounds. It's a simply brilliant piece of gear.


How do you bedroom players justify this piece of equipment?

In my opinion, being a bedroom player in itself justifies the AxeFx. You can’t get a cranked tube amp sound out of a tube amp at bedroom volume. My 100 watt Marshall sounds terrible at bedroom volume. On the other hand, my AxeFx III sounds amazing through my Blue headphones.

I don’t play shows anymore, but I still love having my AxeFx. My job is insanely stressful, and getting to plug into my AxeFx for a bit of an escape and de-stress is worth the cost to me. And I get amazing tones without annoying my wife and the neighbors.


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When I'm in the bedroom, I play with my instrument. But when I'm playing my guitar... I want a studio quality sound out of a live rig, and I want that to be nice and easy.
I couldn't be more happy with it, and what it does for me.
I get stage fright, so nobody hears me play but me.
It takes me away to that special place. It's free therapy.
Take this challenge. Go play a squire with no effects on a cheap junk amp...and tell me how much you enjoyed it


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I'm not the best player in the world, not even the best player in the house... even though I'm the only player in the house! LOL I pretty much only play in the house and occasionally for a group of friends. I've had the Axe-FX II for three years. My son got the III a year ago and has been trying to coax me in to the III ever since.

I finally broke down and bought the III. I've literally only had it for 24 hours and wonder why I waited so long. It's like guitars, almost every one you play inspires to to play something different according to the sound. The Axe-FX III is like that on steroids! I'm picking out tunes I've never played because the tones each lead me off on a different tangent. I'd go for it! They're your ears, make 'em happy!


I got 2 Headrush 108’s pointed right at my head in my bedroom concert hall. I also got a set of Adam A7x monitors because I’m a very demanding crowd to myself and I don’t want to boo myself out of the bedroom for sounding bad. :cool:
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