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Any Bass Players using the AX8?


I'm interested in this topic too. I have a III and play guitar, but I'm curious for my bass player.

What do bass players with an AX8 use for amplification (not interested to know about in in-ears)? A wedge or other FRFR like for guitar, or more likely a power amp and dedicated (bass) cabinet?
I have a clean class d amp into a FR bass cab designed for upright bass


Also FWIW I’ve been really enjoying the 59 bass guy. It was after all originally designed to be a bass amp.
Yes good chime in, I have found that 59 Bassguy amp & the 4x10 Bassguy M160 cabinet to be quite ear pleasing using my Fender Precision, and did not take much work if any to dial in the tone to my ear. This is the first multi effects processor I have ever owned that that works for both Guitar and Bass...

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I have a lot of clients who use the AX-8 for bass.

It's a killer rig even using something like a QSC 12.2 for monitoring.


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Been using Ax8 with my custom made bass through RCF 700W. Its great through PA and in studio and through headphones. I love the portability of it and packs a good punch when set up right. And there lies the key.

I am by no means a professional Bass Player. I do gig somewhat regularly (once a month on average), and we play a wide range of styles (from Disco to Rock). The AX8 delivers a great range of Amps, Cabs and effects. And it can be set up in such a way that the only thing limiting its true power, is ones imagination.

However, imagination alone does not make it great. I thought I had great sounds, but as much as I hate to admit it, my guitarist (who has really bad G.A.S, but a great ear for sound and a great knowledge of all things gadgets) helped me take it to a new level. He opened my mind to a whole new world of sound (almost like entering a new universe through some sort of wormhole) :)

I know I am waxing lyrical, but take it from an old, fat, lazy bastard. It's a great rig to have. I only wish I had loads of spare time to deep dive and a tech on hand to help me understand the intricacies of this beast.

Rock on dudes (and dudettes)
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