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Any A/B Type Switch to Avoid with the Axe?

Josh O

I'm thinking of running an A/+B configuration with my Axe setup and my Bogner Duende. I've many time thought about selling my Duende as it's just sat and collected dust while my Axe/QSC GX3/Mesa 2x12 have ruled the roost but I jacked into the Bogner the other day and I just can't part with it. So I figured, why not run them both, use the Duende as a dry setup, the Axe full wet and maybe run them simultaneously for my own personal wall of sound. There are so many A/B boxes out there so I figured I'd be better suited finding out what to avoid. I used to have a Tonebone Switchbone which was a great A/B switch for two amps, no ground hum on either amp, etc.


I highly recommend the Radial Hotshot AB-Y. Using any passive A/B Box gets lots of ground hum. With the Hotshot, you can lift the grounds and reverse polarity. Works perfectly - no hum (well, no more hum than you would get otherwise plugging direct). I have several of them to switch my guitar between different amps. I run one so I can switch the Axe and any other amp to A/B them (did this with my Plexi and Hiwatt Axe-FX patches).
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