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Another trick...High Pass / Low Pass


If you want the room sound, use a cab, not an FRFR system. Even with a good IR mix of different mics it's not going to be the same as running through a cab.

I am inclined to agree with Scott on something though, there's definitely more to the story when it comes to high end. There's a lot going on past 5kHz in a guitar sound, and I usually end up having a LPF anywhere between 8-12kHz when recording to clean that up. But, as others have said, I think the OP just isn't used to hearing the tone that way. He's used to it not being heard.

Also, people who play professionally (live or studio) and say they don't care about the mic'd up sound, I hope you change your mind, because the audience does not care what it sounds like to you on stage.
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