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Another noob question... Scenes?


Hey guys, I'm playing around with scenes to try and get the most out of a single patch slot and i wanted to do this...

i wanted my first scene to be pretty heavily distorted with a rat pedal, and on scene two i wanted a lot less distortion and to add reverb on it.

i can do the reverb bit fine but when i take down the level of distortion in scene 2 it edits it for scene 1 as well.
The only way i can figure out how to make it work is but using 2 rat pedals on both x/y and having one with heavier distortion than the other.
Does this sound right or should i be able to edit the parameters in different scenes without them changing other scenes?


Try adding two rats on both scenes, leaving one off in scene one, and the other off in scene two. Adjust one heavy in #1 with verb off, with the other rat off. And in scene #2 adjust the #2 rat thats on lighter with the verb on. Would this work?


scenes change the on/off state of blocks in the layout.

they do not save different values of blocks (with a few exceptions).


ok cool, thanks for both of your replies! so now i understand i can't change parameters on every scene with out them editing each other which is fine! I think i will go with your idea spikey which is a really good one! I appreciate that a lot! cheers again fellas!
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