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Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor


I love the new 9-button layout! However, I am an FX3 and FC-6 owner. I might just bite the bullet and spring for an FC-12, but is there any possibility of a 3-button controller box coming out?

AJ Vargas

Waiting to do that until I have some sort of update on realistically when these will ship out for waitlist folks

If you only have the FM3, then yeah, I'd wait too... just like when the FM3 was announced, people immediately started selling their gear, but unlike that, the FM9 seems to be available and shipping already as we speak.

la noise

Power User
1st page of my Reverb feed showing "Newest Listings" has 2 FM3s, an Axe III, and an Helix on it..

Certainly NOT a coincidence. ;)


Holy shit..

This is it. This is all I need, really. Might just sell both the FM3 and the AxeFX III for this thing.

Would be nice if it still had the handles like the FM3, those are pretty handy.
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