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Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor


Congratulations to the entire Fractal team on another breakthrough product!

And to those who were beginning to make fidgety noises about firmware updates … proof once again that Fractal never sleeps.


Power User
The FM9’s manual reads differently from the Axe-Fx III’s and seems to say it doesn’t have variable input impedance, down at the input specs. Might want to fix to clear up possible confusion.

“1 MΩ”
“1 MΩ (less if “Auto-Z” is active)”


Congratulations, this looks and I already know sounds amazing. As a newer Fm3 owner, I’m still trying to absorb all the options it has. But once the dust settles, I see an FM9 in my hands.
thank you
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