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Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor


Looks awesome!! Hopefully the pitch block is the same as the Axe's and not the FM3's. I'd assume so with dual amps, but either way this looks stellar! :)

Was the drive behind this from the feedback of the FM3? Or rather what were the driving forces for this endeavor?
WOW, so glad I waited and didn't get the FM3. This is at the top of my list.

Because of the extra CPU, it gets rid of potential amp switching delay. And it has enough footswitches to do everything without compromise.

And it costs less than a Helix. Great show!


Not for me... but congrats on the release! I know it REALLY hits the spot for a lot of fractal-heads here. Fingers crossed my FM3 doesn't fall too far behind (but it's so good right now, I wouldn't mind too much if it did).


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Because most people (at least per unofficial survey on this list) prefer to use their own pedal that feels right to them, put it on the right or left as they prefer, put it at an angle instead of straight, not have one at all, use more than one, etc.
I see. I'm just an older guitar player that likes simplicity. I really like the feature in the Helix floor, but I think this FM9 sounds incredible.


I LOVE the customizable foot-switch colours! That will make it so much easier to remember what I'm stomping on in the heat of the moment.
Coming from an AX8, I think you're going to be floored at how far things have come sonically and ergonomically. The 9 switches are INCREDIBLY nice. And the layouts means you can flip the switch behavior, on the fly, very quickly and intuitively.


I can't wait to see folks mounting the FM9 on a board... :)
I'm certainly going to be!
Wondering why there is no volume/controller pedal on board? Seems like a missed opportunity. I LOVE the sound of this thing and would consider FM9 to replace my Helix. But I really don't want to carry extra pedals. :(
I understand your point, but everyone has a different idea of what they want for an expression pedal. And many people already own ones that they love. Some people don't want one. Also it would have made the product a lot bigger.


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Nice!... but I'll be waiting for a new FM3 (mark II maybe, more powerfull... but no necessary right now). The FM3 size is perfect for me (adding the mosky 2 button + exp. pedal :)).

Great job Cliff!
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