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Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor


Fractal Fanatic
Finally! It’s what I wanted when FM3 first came out, knew would come along eventually, but couldn’t wait for, so I settled for FM3. No regrets though really.

Which would be the biggest seller if FM3 and FM9 had arrived at the same time? My guess is FM9 even though it’s more $. It’s perfect!


I'm in! LOVE my FM3+FC6 and haven't had major issues with the CPU limitations of FM3 but occasionally have had to do a few work arounds. Fractal truly listens to what the customers want.


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I just had a quick read through this thread and didn't see any mention.

Does it have the variable input impedance?


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On Expression Jacks: Three, each supports one pedal or one switch

So no support for dual-switches (i.e. Mosky Dual Switch) like the FM3??? :(

(definitely not a deal breaker, but a bummer if true nonetheless)
Wondering this too. Each pedal port supports TRS, but only one switch? I agree, too bad. Still, 3 ports is great.

Other than that, on this looks perfect for my uses! More CPU, enough onboard switches, Out1 can be XLR or 1/4", 2 more outs for FOH and a loop, 8x8... and I haven't even checked out the videos, user manual, or anything yet.

The only other problem is - how did I miss this post earlier this morning? I'm 4 1/2 hours behind on the waitlist! :D

Wondering why there is no volume/controller pedal on board? Seems like a missed opportunity. I LOVE the sound of this thing and would consider FM9 to replace my Helix. But I really don't want to carry extra pedals. :(
Because most people (at least per unofficial survey on this list) prefer to use their own pedal that feels right to them, put it on the right or left as they prefer, put it at an angle instead of straight, not have one at all, use more than one, etc.


Is this basically the same size (dimensions) as FM3+FC6? Hoping it'll fit in the same helix backpack I've been using.
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