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Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!


I'm really curious how the FM3 will work with the FC6.... I'd love to have something setup where the FC6 can display 6 switches for scenes, effects etc, and the FM3's 3 switches give direct access to different layouts, almost turning the two units into a FC9..... Or maybe 3 scene switches on the FM3 and then the FC6 could have preset and bank up/down etc, again giving more options on the fly by adding the extra switches.... really excited how cool two controllers could be together, and how nice it would be to have the option of just taking the FM3 for smaller gigs, or add the 6/12 when needed etc....
I’m guessing these functions will be there. Guess we’ll find out this wknd


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Thank you for signing up for the waitlist. We will inform you when we get an approximate shipping date.

Kind Regards
jacques & sussi

I just sent you an email a few minutes ago. Is that ok or should I sign into the ax8 waitlist?

Kamil Kisiel

This is amazing. If it's got similar power to the Axe-FX III, I'll be able to leave that in the studio and just bring this and my FC-6 pedal board to jams.


Guess the big pre-purchase question for me above all else is will it have significantly more CPU power than the AX8 ??? Tons to love, especially at the price point, BUT, will the reverb cut out with too many other effects, or will it be tough to run some of the cool Cloud-type reverbs along with other blocks, or will it be hitting a CPU limit requiring changing back to spring settings....

Obviously won't have III level CPU, very unlikely dull amp blocks (could be wrong...), but maybe enough of an upgrade in CPU to run slightly larger presets, though probably not "kitchen sink" III stuff


I just sent you an email a few minutes ago. Is that ok or should I sign into the ax8 waitlist?
They will handle it based on the reception time so no worries :)
(I just happened to reuse the same email as I used when the AX8 was announced)

Brian Wahl

New here
Hey @Admin M@ - are you able to give us any idea about how much processing power this has compared to Axe-FX III (maybe I missed it somewhere). For example, will we be able to create presets with the same amount of block as Axe-III, or at least dual amps?

Just got on the wait list :). Thanks!
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