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Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!


On the wait list! Helix will be sold and likely the AX8 too.

This is kind of what I was hoping for, although not exactly. Love the more compact size, big color screen, scribble strips, headphone output, USB interface, and Ares modeling. Not as excited about only 3 buttons and potentially processor limitations. But if the switches are pretty programmable and the channel switching is quick, this could be really nice. And adding a couple extra switches or an FC6 would make it very powerful.


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Ok, let me see if I got that right so far...

- Amps, cabs and FX are same quality as Axe III, limits are not in quality but numbers (1 amp block instead of 2, no vocoder etc.) - so pretty much compared to the III this is the same as the AX8 was to the II
- Where the FM3 is not to the III what the AX8 is compared to the II is: FM3 has USB audio interface functionality (again same quality as the III, just less channels 4x4 instead of 8x8)

This second point is the big one for me, as it is the reason why I chose the II over the AX8 back then even though I loved the form factor of the AX8 and had no need for the additional power of the II. I want to use it as an audio interface to record with it straight into my Macbook Pro / Cubase, recording the processed signal and the DI at the same time so I can reamp with the FM3 via USB. If that is possible with the FM3, and it has the main blocks (amp, cab, drive, delay, reverb, chorus) with the same sound quality as the III, then I am totally sold on it!!!!!
That's what I'm getting out of it too. The FM3 seems of the Axe-FX III/Ares lineage much the same as the AX8 was of Axe-FX II/Quantum, with the FM3 having limitations relative to the Axe-III comparable to the differences between the AX8 and Axe-FX II. In terms of the roughly equivalent processing power, I read that to mean the FM3 will handle Ares as capably as the AX8 handles Quantum. It sounds lateral, but I don't think it is, and certainly isn't sound-wise. Having the Axe-FX III sounds in the form factor of an FM3 is hugely attractive to me.


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This is very cool but I'm happy with my ax8. Now if they release a fm8 with two amp blocks, tonematch, 3 xp pedal jacks and Bluetooth I'm on that list.
Very interesting to see this concept out of Fractal. I can see adding a FC-12 to this for an Ax8 replacement which is kind of kewl. Can't wait to see some demos to see how a stand alone unit works for live gigs with only 3 buttons.
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