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Announcing - FX8 Mark II Multi-FX Pedalboard

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Fractal Audio Systems
Fractal Audio Systems is pleased to announce the FX8 Mark II.

In comparison to the original FX8, the Mark II has a black bezel and end caps plus an improved silkscreen design -- the #1 footswitch is now in the lower left, and "F" labels are used for the three programable switches. In addition, a new option allows the pad on the instrument input to be set at a maximum of 18dB (vs, 12dB previously) making the unit more suitable with ultra-high output guitars and basses. Finally, outputs have an even lower noise floor!

All FX8 presets are fully cross-compatible between the original and Mark II models. Footswitch assignments stay in their original physical positions instead of following the numbers. FX8-Edit automatically detects which model is connected and adjusts itself accordingly.

The FX8 Mark II will begin shipping Q3 of 2016 for $1249.95 (direct) in the US and Canada.
To sign up for the waitlist, please visit our store or contact the dealer for your region.

There is no need to contact us if you previously signed up on the waitlist for the original FX8 (discontinued); we'll automatically move your name to the new waitlist for a Mark II.
FX8-mk2-top.jpg FX8-mk2-rear.jpg


The Footswitch rearrangement is especially welcome. It conforms to industry-standard placement, and makes it way easier to transition between FX8 and AX8.

And who doesn't love even less noise? The Mark I was already amazingly quiet.
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