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Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO


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Many people here are assuming this means it will have more dsp so you can use more blocks. I don’t think that’s what Fractal said. Same dsp, just faster. I could be wrong…
We are pleased to announce an option for new Axe-Fx III Mark II customers. The unit can now be purchased with an optional TURBO module. This provides a 25% higher clock speed allowing for more complex presets which would exceed the limits of the standard DSP module.

The new option adds $200 to the retail price at the time of purchase. Axe-Fx III Mark II Turbo will be available beginning Sept 28, 2021.


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Ugh. Purchased a mkII at the beginning of the month. Not inside return window. One of these years I'll get the purchase timing right.
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