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And you thought the Oscars were boring!!!

Man, he's a goddamn comedian, known for edgy humor, as Mia Farrow wrote. You cannot tell a joke of any kind without offending somebody. I have no sympathy for Will Smith, acting like an entitled prick. He laughed at the goddman joke! I would love to see the part they cut away from, where I guess he caught his wife's glance, and that changed his mind. And don't forget she's cheated on him a bunch, leading them to an "open relationship." A bunch of great responses to this mentioned that he doesn't want his wife's name in Chris Rock's mouth, but he's cool with random dudes being in his wife's mouth.

I think Louis CK is a fuck for masturbating in front of fellow comedians like that's something he thought was okay, but as a comedian I thought he was a genius. And so much of what he said would get a random person offended. One of my best friends would always roast the shit out of me when we would hang out, and he was so damn funny I would almost be crying and couldn't breathe from laughing so hard. If you can't laugh about anything, you become a boring douchebag. There was a great early Simpsons episode called Homer Badman where Homer was mistakenly thought to be a chauvinist, and a camp formed in front of the home with, and I really hope I'm remember the exact phrase correctly, an Indignation Coordinator. That's what the whole world is starting to feel like. Comedy should be protected.

Now if he were not a comedian, and he was just trying to demoralize Mrs. Smith, then Rock would have been a jerk, but again, he's a raunchy comic. Not to mention, apparently Ricky Gervais handed out brutal roasts when he hosted. Why didn't he get beaten? Someone pointed out, what if Amy Schumer made the joke? Would it have been cool for her to get slapped?

And don't forget, Will Smith is also a comic actor. That's how he was known early on. He couldn't just come up with a witty quip? And that acceptance speech was the most self indulgent bullshit I've ever seen. It made me feel like slapping him. But you see, I'm not an entitled bastard, so I wouldn't actually slap him.
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Maybe all you < oh gosh violence crybabies should do a deep dive on Chris Rocks racists, disgusting talk for the last 20 years. I would have shot him. Ok maybe in the knee, but seriously, NO FOUL on Wills part. Chris is a piece of garbage that blames everything except his ($$$$$) on anyone not black. I applaud will Smith!
Like his "this place is cracka lackin"...funny alot of people have no idea he means there are no white people.
And to add to what I wrote, let's play it the other way. We could do something like the South Park non-offensive Christmas, where the music was done by Philip Glass, and no one for sure will get offended. Then we'll really need to start making sure every line in every movie featured is inoffensive...and we can go from there. Yay!


Chris made a joke - he was hired to make jokes... what are we going to do now - beat up every person that makes a joke about someone else ?? No one can laugh at themselves any more ?? Are we now boycotting comedians ?? And thats the problem these days, everyone just wants to use violence to solve a problem. Chris was the real man here for trying to move on and not retaliate. Will really proved a lot by slapping another man half his size...


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Makes it appear a bit staged in slow mo. Smith’s little grin as he turned around.
Wow...it probably was. Didn't pick up on the grin when I slowed it down on YouTube last night. I wouldn't put anything past Hollywood since they have been hemorrhaging money since the pandemic began. Hell I never even heard of the movie he won the award for 😂.
As the old saying goes: Any publicity is good publicity...smh
And one more thing I have to add: to me this is all the more of a shame because I think Will Smith is a tremendous actor. His performance in The Pursuit of Happyness was unbelievable. It's funny, night before last my wife and I watched the first movie he was in, called Where the Day Takes You, and we were talking about how a young Will Smith just had the tremendous maturity to his feel, moreso than anyone else in the cast, and it was some of the best directing and acting I've seen from an ensemble in a while. Sean Astin and Balthazar Getty were at their height of ability, for instance. But I think sometimes wealth and fame just insulate people too much, where they just think every indignation the rest of humanity has to swallow has to be a crusade for them. Let's crusade about Putin getting out of Ukraine, and maybe finding a way to topple Bashar Al-Assad, not having to unleash the wrath of God on a stupid joke at a three hour long advertisement for movies.


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Makes it appear a bit staged in slow mo. Smith’s little grin as he turned around.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Apparently though, Rock knew nothing about her condition, Rock and Smith have not spoken since, as was first reported and the Academy is holding a formal review and haven't ruled out anything, including legal action and possibly taking back the Oscar.

I wonder who will play Smith and Rock in the movie? 🤔
Hell at least I did forget how close we are to a nuclear holocaust for a few hours 😂

The crazy thing is, the game theorists and proliferation experts I’ve heard interviews with have really been saying the likelihood would be that he would use newer, much smaller and very targeted nuclear, not the immediate end of the world type stuff. Who knows?
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Hollywood has been creating monsters for a long time...

Take a look at the world around you and realize where its biggest influence came from. Hint... It wasn't mom and dad.
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Has nobody ever been in a bar fight? Lol
9 times out of 10 if a guy is fool enough to insult your wife hes fool enough to throw the first punch. Glad I love in a state with a stand your ground law and a castle doctrine.

LMAO...stand your ground and a castle doctrine?? Those don't apply to you if you are the aggressor. And what the hell does that have to do with someone insulting your wife? Oh yeah. Nothing.


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What if it had been Mel Gibson… He would’ve been cuffed, perp walk out to the parking lot and executed. Different standards. We all know it.

This event has been a perfect microcosm of what is wrong in large part with our society today. It was a fucking joke.

Don’t throw down unless you’re ready for the consequences. Will Smith has 80 pounds on Chris Rock. Try doing that again someone your own size.

Chris rock was the better Man by far.

Breaking news: Chris Rock’s ticket sales have doubled overnight. Period
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