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An Album of Insane, Guitar-Driven Holiday Music

Hey fellow guitar fiends!

I made an all-instrumental, guitar-laced, occasionally blasphemous album of Xmas/Holiday music, under my Sheer Velocity alter-ego.

(Sheer Velocity).

Whether you love Xmas music or hate it, this album is for you.

The Axe-FX Ultra is responsible for the wide palette of killer tones.

Also used my Strat and some pedals.


track list:
1.Santa Claws Is Coming! (free) 00:54
2.Jingle Bells 02:29
3.Carol of Hell's Bells 03:09
4.Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 03:09
5.Misfits 02:28
6.Making Christmas (free) 03:48
7.Frosty (free) 02:47
8.Christmastime Is Here/You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch (free) 03:12
9.White Xmas (free) 04:51
10.Lil' Drummer Boy (free) 03:15
11.Joy to the World (Slight Return) (hidden) 03:01
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