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Amundsen Studio late night shred


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Hi guys, I'm still here, been building my home studio for years now and finally I'm having some time to actually use it.

I recorded this short shredmania thing last night, just going for it. practicing really hard these days to get my chops back in shape.

The guitar is pure axe-fx II, starting to like my tone now - it's overdriven without being harsh or too hairy, and I feel I can hear the actual guitar more through my tone, it's does not sound just like any other overdrive pedal, but more like an overdriven guitar with character and more definition, do you agree? It's obviously Shawn Lane inspired, I've had a few epiphanies regarding my tone and technique lately, I would never be able to play this stuff with the technique I used before this one. Making personal progress feels so good, you might not agree, but for me this is huge - I basically have more confidence in my playing and feel I can play more what I hear in my head. Also using a lot of chromaticism and trying to make it sound good is a challenge. Really enjoy where I'm at these days with my playing. Hope you're all good - I've been purchasing a f****load of equipment for my studio over the years now, hopefully to get my youtube channel going, just having a rough start, haha.

You can have a look at what I use in my studio over here: https://kit.co/TorjeAmundsen


You can have a look at my Amundsen Studio over at: https://www.instagram.com/torjeamundsen/

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