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Amp switching

Hi all, I'm trying to switch my amp channels using Relay 1. It's a Friedman small box 50 amp. I am using the cord supplied by Friedman and the one button supplied switch works. Any ideas? Thanks


Check with Friedman about how the switching works (momentary vs latching) and then update the relay settings appropriately.
Thanks OZ. I should have updated this. Yes it needs a momentary switch setting & both ring & tip, works great!!!!!!
After going back to my pedal board I'm back to my FX8 and loving it!!!

Mike sfzz

New Member
Does that work with a TRS Cable?? I had a snake made for my Fx8 that I used with a Friedman JJ jr I set up the relay and it worked fine Just got a small box50 and the same set up doesn’t work
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