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Amp Matching Tutorial

It IS easy to do, although if this is the template I played with a few weeks back, it can be a little bit puzzling if you don't have an expression pedal hooked up (to move between the input raw signal and the tone matched signal). Just have to remember to decouple the modifier and do it manually in Axe-Edit or the front panel.
Thanx,looking forward to the Video`s.
It may be easy`r to see a video,for some people.

Sometimes,i "need" a guy to show me,how to do a thing,he he

Thanx for making a product i own... even better.. all the time
There are two other sticky threads on the Tone Match forum regarding similar tone match templates/tutorials and this thread is the most current. Perhaps it should move there...???
ETA on the video`s? Plz,make it NOOB like. So that everyone gets it.
On setting up the Ext 12, so on
I just read through the tutorial and am puzzled about this:

"14. You can then continue to refine the match as necessary by repeating Steps 9 through 13."

(During steps 9 to 13 a tonematch was made).

This gives the impression that consecutive tonematchings are accumulative which I though was NOT the case?

Or does it mean you should try to adjust different parameters like gain etc. again in order to get a new, better, tonematch?
Here is a preliminary version of the Amp Matching Tutorial:
www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/axe-fx-2/Amp Matching Tutorial.pdf

This is the template preset:
www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/firmware+presets/axe-fx-2/Amp Matching Template.syx

It looks daunting at first but it's quite easy. We are planning to do some videos in the weeks ahead.

It is a daunting task for a noob trying to match a preamp but I THINK I got it. I put the preamp in the loop (both rear inputs set to LEFT ONLY with Out 2 Left to the preamp input and the preamp out to Input 2 Left also set to Input 2 mode: LEFT ONLY.

I'm using the default Tone Match Patch. One thing I DO NOT understand is how to set the REF SOURCE parameter in the TMA Process Tab. There are 8 choices, neither the video or the manuals address this parameter that I can find. (again - that I can find- there' a mountain of material here). Input 2 seems the logical choice, however, BLOCK I IS THE DEFAULT and I see no mention made of changing it to Input 2 in the video or the written instructions. If INPUT 2 is the appropriate choice for the preamp output's reference tone and the AXE "knows" that the local tone is the AMP block then i have it working. If that's wrong and "BLOCK I" is supposed to be used, all I get are identical responses for both reference and local tone and therefore flat Tone Match curves unless I change the parameter to INPUT 2.

Am I doing this correctly? It sounds like it, but without a footswitch I'm also having a hard time comparing. That's another thing I'm having difficulty figuring out - how to toggle the reference and local tones using the front panel. I figured out a cumbersome way.

All I really want to know is whether INPUT 2 should be chosen as the REF SOURCE and if the AXE uses the input to the TMA block as the local source. If that's the way it works I understand. I just need confirmation or correction.


BTW - sorry for posting in wrong forum topic - thank you for relocating

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Well, scratch all of the above. Now REGARDLESS of the reference source I choose, both the X and Y reference source and local sources always look identical resulting in a flat TM curve. I made a footswitch but it didn't help.
The template link provided in this post doesn't seem to work anymore. Is there an updated link for the template preset available?
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