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Amp channel switching with MFC-101 and Mini Amp Gizmo



I'm trying to program channel switching in a Mesa Mark V with a mini amp Gizmo and MFC-101 Mark 1. I want to set it up so that in a particular preset, i can change amp channel with scene change (ex; scene1= channel 1, scene 2= channel 2, etc). Do i have to connect the mini amp Gizmo to the Axe fx with MIDI cable out from Axe to MIDI IN in the amp gizmo and the MFC-101 with the USB cable, or do i need also to use a MIDI cable from the MFC 101 to the amp Gizmo? How can i program a different MIDI functions (ie; channel switching) with Scene change?

You need to connect the midi gizmo to the axe fx midi out. Preset change only available when you change presets on the Axe fx. Not on scene changes.


I just realized that the OP is talking about the real amp head and not the model on the Axe FX 3. The question about channel switching made me think he was asking an Axe FX 3 question.
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