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Amp and/or cab modelling on/off separate at out1 and out2


AFAIK, when you go FRFR to FOH (via out1) and to a real guitar amp with cab as back line (via out2) you have to insert several rows in your patch which can only share the blocks BEFORE the amp block. Everything AFTER (including the amp block) has to be separate. This may lead to user errors since when you change anything in the FRFR row you have to remember to make the same changes to the back line row and vice versa. This may be remedied a bit by using global blocks though, but it would not work for the amp block IIRC.

To cut a long story short, is there a way to switch amp/cab modelling on/off for out1 and out2 separately maybe in future firmware version? This would make the aforementioned setup much easier to dial in. Or is this generally never possible due to the internal design of the sound processing?

Thanks in advance.


Fractal Fanatic
Put all your blocks in place, either before or after the amp block. Last block should be your cab block, possibly with an eq block after. Split the signal just before the cab clock and send it to the fx block. Op1 will go foh with cab/eq while op2 goes to your amp/cab with no cab sim.

You can't turn the power amp Sims off though. If you want them off going to amp, say if you use a valve power amp wound up, you need a seperate amp block.
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