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AMP:5150 "Depth" control, what is it?


What does this control really do compared to "bass"?

I I open a 5150 model there is no "Resonance" control like the real amo does but is the "Depth" control a direct replacement for a 5150 resonance control or is it something else? I seem to remember the 5150 Resonance control is placed in the poweramp section of the amp.


Fractal Audio Systems
Depth = Resonance = "Whomp" = whatever colloquialism the manufacturer can think of

Depth differs from Bass in that it is applied in the power amp as opposed to the preamp. It is done by modifying the feedback network. Less lows are fed back thereby increasing bass response in the power amp. It is analogous to Presence except it affect bass instead of treble.

If you look at the Axe-Fx II's menu you'll see the tab says "PWR AMP" thereby indicating it is a power amp control.
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