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Am I the only one who has downsized my pedal board?


I have never really been a pedalboard guy, I did one once about 13 years ago that had 14 pedals on it and what a nightmare that was!

Went back to a rack mount effects with MiDi switching for the channels much happier. My current AX8 board is actually a tad larger than the one I had for my analog rig but I don't have a head or cabs to haul around either and the AX8 is obviously way more functional.


I just recently bought a new JBL Eon 612 (which is a really great neutral sounding powered PA monitor) and I have been taking that and my AX8 to band practice. I used the monitor for myself and supplemented my volume by going through the PA and it was wonderful. Everyone could hear me and it wasn't nearly as loud as it was before I went with just a monitor.

Hey Rich, just curious.. do you have another guitarist in your band? I ask because I'm kinda looking for a decent FRFR solution that is loud enough to keep up with my guitarist (Mesa 100w Roadster); hence, curious to know how you go at band practice.. Cheers


I sold off a load of pedals to fund the AX8 but I still have a separate pedalboard which has a Suhr Rufus Fuzz, Hotone Soul Press, Barber Gain Changer, Suhr Koji Comp, Suhr Koko reloaded, Suhr Jack Rabbit and Zoom MS100 BT for those times when I want to use an old school amp and pedals approach. It's not often though, the AX8 gets pretty well all the play time 'cos it sounds so good and is so convenient. I do still have a pedal stash as well but they may well get sold on..

I have the AX8 mounted on a pedalboard with a wireless unit mounted underneath. In addition to the AX8, I've got an EHX Pitch Fork in the loop as I'm not totally happy with the AX8 pitch effects and it also helps save CPU.

I've also got an Xotic EP boost in front of the AX8 input to help balance levels/inputs when swapping between single coil and humbucker guitars as I'm yet to find a built in solution in the AX8.

Aside from that, there's a Boss expression pedal, a Boss FS7 and a latching foot switch which is set up as a volume boost on all patches. No matter what patch I'm in, I step on that and it makes everything louder.

I think the AX8 is a phenomenal bit of kit and I can't imagine being without it now.


I just got off a few dates with Blackberry Smoke and took only my AX8 and a guitar. Doc, their tech, was boggled and kept taking pictures considering he has to set up 8 road cases worth of amps every show.
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