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Am I the Only One Not Using High or Low Cuts Anymore?


Absolutely agree on the cab choice, mainly single cabs now and increasingly it’s just a good old 57.

Will try taking the cuts off!


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Same here, since beta 10 low and high cuts have not been required. More cab IRs seem to play nicer with more amps. For me, dialing tones is now select an amp and cab and off you go. I usually cut out a few DB in the low mids somewhere which opens up the low and high end further.

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Quick question.... if I Cut Lows and Highs in the Output 1-2 Global EQ why do I still have to make Cuts in the Cab Block ? I’ve noticed at our shows, at large venues, with crazy subs I have to cut them in both places .....

The Cab block uses a hi and low pass filter; it literally cuts off frequencies above and below a set point. Whereas cutting frequencies with the Output EQ merely reduces their level by up to 12 dB; it doesn't actually remove them.


Funny timing. I've always been a poweramp + cab guy, but had a scare at my last gig and decided I need to be prepared to run direct. I've dabbled with cab sims in the past but never found anything inspiring enough to play through live. The sheer amount of options has kept me from diving any deeper into that rabbit hole. Recording, I've always found the "inspiration" factor with the cabs less important as long as it holds its own in the mix, so I don't ever spend a ton of time there.

So I started in with my Div13 patch and actually found something I like pretty quickly. Just last night, I was playing through it and asking myself, "why do we need a hi cut at 10k?" So I bumped it back up to 20k and figured I'd A/B later - but it sounds fine like it is now. Also noticed I ended up with a Leggy Cab with a 57 and a Div13 cab with a 121, panned hard left and right. No smoothing needed and just enough proximity to balance each IR out with respect to the other. Sounds great in stereo and so far having no problems summed to mono too.

So no, you're not the only one!


The Cab block uses a hi and low pass filter; it literally cuts off frequencies above and below a set point. Whereas cutting frequencies with the Output EQ merely reduces their level by up to 12 dB; it doesn't actually remove them.

The high- and low- pass filters aren't a hard cutoff either. They reduce the level by 6, 12, 18 or 24dB per octave.

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I don't generally apply cuts when playing at home, but I never really did.

It's no holds barred when I am designing sounds for a band mix in a big PA. In that situation cuts need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis depending on presets and band sound. Metallica, for instance, use a pretty high HPF on guitars. The last time I worked with John Petrucci, there were cuts on on the mic preamps prior to capturing. You'll see other types of cuts in presets by Periphery or Animals as Leaders.

But I think the point is very valid that the amp modeling is so natural that what you get before or after cuts sounds exactly like a tube amp in the same setting.
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My latest favorite cabs are all 121 / 57 mixes. I use high and low cuts on the cabs still but much less than I used to.


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I wish I could work with sound people who wouldn’t just automatically apply the HPF on the guitar channel. I think my tone without cuts is good enough to sit in a mix with just some room correction on the main EQ. But I feel like I’ll never know.


depending of the IR used, but overall, i cut all my ir 90-100Hz and 6.5-7 kHz in high
it's more smoother and pleasant to my ears in a mix at high spl levels.


I agree that there's no need for HPF to get a natural and balanced tone from AX3. Generally, it only needs a few moves on basic controls and choose a matching IR.

However, those nice and balanced guitar low frequencies, so pleased when playing alone, doesn't work in the same way when in a band. There's some build up with room and other instruments.

So, yes. I always HPF and LPF when recording or playing live in a band.

A proper cut is what makes the guitar shine when playing in a band. When you do it right, and you don't need to fight with volume to cut the mix. Every note you play just pops out nicely.

The "secret" for a great guitar tone that works in a band context is in the mids. If you have balanced mids, everything else can be cut if needed, and your tone is kept.


Experimented with raising the high cut and it sounds good at both 10k and 20k, depending on the IR. Lowered the low cut and it sounds fine but does get a bit woofy and clip with palm mutes, so I'm still cutting there.


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I'm still cutting around 100 and 6800, although I've started using a 57 + 121 ir mix recently as well. I still find the lows to need a bit of cut on some of the class A amps, and I sit better in the mix with the high cut.


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Always use 121/57 IRs for home studio (I like selecting mic positions with Mikko in real tome). Have been hicutting cabs at 5.5k based on a previous recommendation - forgot I was doing that - will remove those and see how it sounds.
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