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Am I nuts for being happy with my Standard?

Sure it must be great to have a Tyler, an Axe II, and going to bed every night with Megan Fox. But I'm perfectly happy with my Strat, my Standard, and my wife.

I know what GAS it is, as every guitarist, and I'm not saying I'm completely free from consumerism, but I can't imagine needing much more than what my Standard Axe offers.

Am I crazy? Should I go to the psychiatrist? Mrs Fox phone number, anyone?
Sorry, don't have the number of Mrs Fox (probably wouldn't give it to you, if I had :)), but as for my Standard;

I'm still over all satisfied, don't even have the newest FW on it. Think I'm still on 10.3 because I didn't want to bother with the new Midi ID, before it was a step forward in sound with the new FW. Guess I'll update pretty soon and be happy with my Standard for another couple of years even if there wouldn't be any more updates. And if there are no more guitars to be wanted and money is not the problem, maybe even I'll go from Standard to II (even if III might be on the way).

I think you're not crazy at all - or I am too :)))


AAAAAH' grasshopper, the secret of happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have! congrats! you pass the test. The standard was more than I ever needed, except it was not a floor pedal, I live in hope but soldier on with my Vox S.E as a live tool until the floor -Axe comes along. Live long and happy.


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I'm very very happy with my Standard and I'm keeping it !
This Unit makes me smile every Day and I think I'm only just scratching the Surface.
My Axe Rocks !
This Unit makes me smile every Day and I think I'm only just scratching the Surface.
My thoughts, exactly.

I wouldn't mind making an A/B test between Megan Fox t*ts and an analog ones. Just to compare digital and modeling world, nothing more nothing less...
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