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Alternative enclosures that might work next to the FCs


So, I ordered/received some enclosures that looked (on the web) like they might be pretty good. I definitely like 2 of them for potential candidates to put on my board until I can get an enclosure that perfectly matches the FC dimensions (either 3D print or manufactured). If someone knows how to draw up a CAD enclosure, I can get the quote.

The 3rd enclosure doesn't look like it'll work dimensions-wise. It's too tall next to the FC, waaay too wide to allow me to keep both expression pedals on the board (unless they were both on the right side). I tinkered around in Temple Audios Pedalboard Layout Tool AFTER having purchased these enclosures. By time I realized the 3rd enclosure wouldn't fit, it was already shipped.

All 3 of the enclosures are 2 pieces held together by screws from the bottom. They all come with 4 rubber feet.

This is enclosure1 (6.5" x 6.4" x 2"). Angle just about perfectly matches, but it's too low by about 3/8". It's resting here on some 5/8" board to see if it helps line up. If you move it forward to match the front row FC buttons, you won't get the line across where it bends to match. Putting the feet on it might help, but then you need some riser anyways to velcro it down.

This is enclosure3 (6.6" x 5.6" x 2.6" ) & probably my most likely candidate to use. Height is just about perfect and already black. There is no bend it it, it's just a slanted face.

If I don't put the pots on the same enclosure, I have this plastic enclosure I might use just for pots. I've got some work/tinkering ahead of me!

See more images here of the various enclosures:
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A quick mockup of the switches laid out to the measurements of the 3" W x 4" L gaps of the FC switches. Taped on. They look a lil off, but the measurements match up. It probably has to do with the angle of the lower switches. (Bottom left seems off the mark too, will remeasure. I'm tired!)

I thought about making the switch on the enclosure be 3" from the closest switch on the FC so the distances are the same, but it'd be off center on the enclosure (that'd probably visually annoy me).



This is how all the enclosures break apart.

Top is on the left, bottom on the right:

Side of the top:


I think I found the near absolutely perfect enclosure! It's just about ½" short of the depth, and a little short on the height, but it's really REALLY close! I've got a wad of paper underneath the back end to elevate it slightly. Could probably even use some standoffs when mounting the cover to make the height in the back match better. My only concern is drilling the rear with the vents. I don't think it's a deal breaker, but could just be problematic.

Enclosure model: HAMMOND 1456FH2BKBK ($31 shipped)

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