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Almost 2 months with no FW update...


Have we reached the pinnacle of the Axe III with Cygnus FW16.05?

Not that I'm complaining... in fact, I've never been happier with my tone... it sounds better than ever. Just curious what's next? Anyone see any areas for improvement?


Hang on! :openmouth: I'm still working through latest Cygnus. Did all the aftermarket preset sellers catch up yet? Still looking for an excuse to try some of those.

It's the mother of all firmwares so far, and I am really happy to park it there while I get to grips with everything it can do, and get a few more of my favourite models and presets dialled in.

I haven't checked for updates on anything Klon related lately though... ;)



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Something big is coming soon!

My guess.
Things do seem to be coming into alignment in Fractal land:
  • Cygnus on Ax3 and FM3 successfully deployed and stable.
  • Related software updates complete and stable.
  • Preset bank updates complete on Ax3 and in-progress on FM3.
  • Manuals updated for Ax3 (not sure about FM3 - probably).
  • Peeps are happy playing their guitars.

Something's afoot! - don't know what...


16.05 is so frikin magical that I'm gonna be somewhat hesitant to update to the next FW lol, never really felt that before with previous updates. I'm usually pretty stoked to see what the latest & greatest is from this absolutely wonderful system we have...but I truly feel that 16.05 is about as close to perfect as I've ever experienced, regardless of it being modeler or true amp/cab/mic. I can honestly say I finally achieved full satisfaction and found MY sound on this FW...the tone chase is officially over for me. A huge thanks to everyone who put in countless time and energy to get us this far...


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John Petrucci once commented about how great his in-ear mix sounds, comparing it to standing on a mountaintop, with the wind blowing your hair back. He said everyone should hear his mix. My tone seems like that to me. I have tweaked a Soldano preset to my liking, and it is far and away the best I've ever heard myself sound. I can't imagine anything improving on it, for high gain. I'm totally satisfied.
If I had to guess, they're probably focusing their efforts in areas others than tone.


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When things get quiet around here it usually means, Cliff is thinking about something... or doing something... or both at the same time!!?? It's scary and exciting all at once!!!??? We can ask and wish for more things but the Axe III is the most complete and advanced preamp/effects system on the planet as it is. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Greg Ferguson

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Aren't those user wish lists and not necessarily what they are working on?
Yes, they're the official lists of what wishes are in the queue. "Which items on the wish list are next?" is the next question but they're not going to announce their plans for that either. Strategic advantage ya know.

They don't expose lists of bugs they're working on to us but since bug fixes are highest priority I'm pretty sure that particular list is pretty short by now so they'll be whittling away at the wish lists again.

They already said that set lists are coming soon, so they must be close to finished with them otherwise they'd have remained silent.
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