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Wish Allow MIDI CCs to be Stand-in Switch sources


Fractal Fanatic
CC Value: 0-63 is Tap, 64-127 is Hold. This would be super handy with various small MIDI controllers and pedal/switch connections on the FM3.

A friend of mine is using a Disaster Area MIDI Baby 3 with the FM3. It is a super capable MIDI controller - 3 footswitches with various press/hold capabilities plus two TRS jacks that can be expression pedals, more switches, or additional MIDI I/O. He is limited in what functions he can perform though because not all capabilities are exposed via MIDI.


Not sure if this is helpful, but maybe check out the Gordius tiny box (I use their Little Giant foot switch).
I haven't checked it out but I'm guessing it could be a front-end intercept between switches and unit function so you get the unit to do what you want with the switches you have. Just guessing but worth a look.
You know... I posted a thread about Tiny Box a while back when I first heard of it. There was no mention of Gordius in relation to it at that time that I could see, but not surprised to see Xavier's got a new product.


Fractal Fanatic
Check the Voes MC5jr. Its dimensions make it perfectly suitable for use on a pedal board and besides the 5 switches it has an exp pedal input that can liberate an exp input on the fm3 = 2 more switches possible. I'm waiting for the FM3 to see if I can workaround with its 3 on board buttons but if it'not enough then the mc5jr is the way I'll go.
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