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All Smilefan's patches in one Zip File (updated to 2.0 Firmware)-->


In response to Forum member Bladlus' request to Zip.file all my patches from the now very
lengthy Smilefan’s Axe II Patches Thread, here they are.

I really encourage those who are interested in these patches to take the time to read
the above thread. It contains a wealth of information about the patches. What they are
intended for, how they are made, and how to use them. For example, the gtrbodyIR.syx, and
the Cello_BodyIR.syx in this Zip file must be manually installed in the upper row cab block of the
included Gibson Flattop.syx and Axe Cello.syx patches, respectively, for those patches to function.
Many other very relevant details are in the thread that cannot be conveyed with a Zip.file.

I mix my patches for live play, so they are hot (loud). Listening at bedroom levels
you may need to turn the amp volume down on some patches. Many hours of work
went into these. Hope you enjoy.


http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42749093/Smilefans Patches.zip

There is also a text file with all my comments, based upon a document
thoughtfully compiled by Forum member, GM Arts, if you want it, as well, here:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42749093/Smilefans Patch Comments.docx
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Something's not working with the link. When I click it, it takes me to the sign in page instead of your public folder.
It does that for all the links you posted in both your threads.

Thank you for your work smilefan.


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Thanks a lot! There's a bottle of vine waiting for you if you decide to come to Italy one day!


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The write-ups on each patch are great - thanks for the detailed work on that. Can't wait to try them out.
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