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All Fender jam (Tele-PBass-Bassguy)



Here is a quick little jam I came up with on the spot after cleaning up a tele I haven't picked up in far too long.

Man I love that this BassGuy patch! So responsive and organic!

Fender American Tele Deluxe with stock pickups
Fender American P-Bass with Homewrecker pickups
AxeFx 2 Fender Bassguy patch
Superior Drummer Avatar kit
Slate VTM, VBC


Power User
You should do a quick experiment.

EQ the two tracks with 500hz up about 3 db on the guitar and down on the bass. Then 250hz 3db UP on the bass and down on the guitar.

Sounds good, but would love to hear how it would sound carving out specific frequencies like they do in a studio.
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