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AliExpress floral neck, scalloped from 12th to 24th fret

Joe Bfstplk

It is curious how certain gear and tone evokes you to play something new and unexpected. The first day I connected this recently built guitar with the P90 neck pickup to the Axe-FX, using a preset with the FAS LEAD 1 amp, I unintentionally started playing this Vai melody, even though I have never played or tried to play it before, and I didn't heard it for ages. Not even when I had the JEM7V this melody came to my mind.

So, now I am starting to learn it.

First time I tried my friend Marty's Ricky 660/12, I played American Girl by Tom Petty pretty much the same way. Never even attempted the song before, but the sound just connected a handful of unrelated neurons and out it came.

Keep us posted in the progress with choosing a middle pickup!
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