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Is there a simple strategy for creating presets with this feature that can switch between recording use and live use? I'd hate to have to maintain separate presets with separate IRs for each use.


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Understood, but I'll bet a dollar that more than a handful of my top pro friends end up loving this feature for live.
YES. Any time someone says "...this is really just something that you'd notice / use in the studio...", I immediately start to look for a way to use onstage. I trust the FOH engineer to do what they need to do in order to balance a great mix; ultimately, that's out of my control anyway :) But onstage - especially for my IEM mix - I want the aural paradise of fully realized guitar tone. My wife sometimes told me I look blissed out during certain songs. I give her my IEMs during a soundcheck, and her reaction was "oh man I just took the blue pill".

Also, her reaction allows me to (maybe) justify my next gear purchase. Definitely maybe.


I wonder - what impact would this have on Acoustic IRs? Any ?
That's a good question. I assume we could still use any existing IR's with the old format. WIll be interesting to see if anyone makes acoustic IR's in the new "FullRes" format and if that improves the acoustic character of those IR's


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Sooo...this is coming to FM3 as well, right? Right?

To be honest this might make the FM3 my favorite IR loader if there can be some good cabs with this stuff. With headphones the thing I usually do is to use the reverb block to act as a room sim for headphone use so this will leave that for other purposes.


Understood, but I'll bet a dollar that more than a handful of my top pro friends end up loving this feature for live.
I'm also thinking this would be cool for having a less direct sound for in ear monitoring

Anyhow great feature but in my heart I'm still hoping Fractal is working on a proprietary physical modeling of a mic'd cabined.


Fractal Audio Systems
Some answers:

1. This will currently only be available on the Axe-Fx III Mark II. Our other products do not have the NV memory to store the large IRs. I will look into ways of possibly supporting this on the other products. The Mark II has double the NV memory of the Mark I. All the NV memory on the Mark I is allocated. If the demand is great enough one possibility is to reduce the number of slots in the User IR banks and allocate the freed memory to FullRes slots.

2. The CPU usage is not too bad. A FullRes IR uses about 10% more CPU than a regular IR. I haven't done that much work on optimization so it may be possible to reduce this.

3. The primary use is for "room mics" and short-to-medium convolution reverbs. The two clips I posted were done using room mic IRs from Celestion. Those IRs were 500 ms.

4. I'm hoping IR vendors will embrace the technology and start offering room mic IRs with at least one second of response time. This assumes they use a suitable live room to do their captures.

5. We are going to our local studio in the coming months and will shoot a bunch of room IRs there. They have a very nice live room with good acoustics.

6. A new version of Cab-Lab is in the works that supports the creation of FullRes IRs.

Greg Ferguson

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Any insight into how much CPU usage we're looking at compared to a conventional or UltraRes IR?
It might be significant that it’s an Axe-FX III announcement and also says…

The new FullRes User IR bank supports up to 64 FullRes IRs.
The FX3 has lots of cab space, so I think it’s aimed at that device and maybe the FM9. If it’s implemented on the FM3 I’d expect the slot count will be reduced in the FullRes User IR area. It’s always interesting to see what the final release will be.
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