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Their new album has some good tones and tracks on it for sure...and I love that they have a new album in 2021. :)

Listening right now, it's a really beautiful album. Glen's voice is perfect for the music and he sounds like hasn't aged in 25 years somehow. They know exactly how to turn longing and wistfulness into songs.


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Here's an example of how producers commonly do it:

The first clip is a regular IR. The second is the same IR with a stereo set of room mic IRs mixed in at -6dB.
To my ears it adds an element to the tone that sounds like it is part of a full band recording. Some may like it, others may not, but having a feature that can make an isolated track sound like part of a band playing in the same room is really cool.


The second clip sounds a lot more natural. It smooths out the presence nicely.
It was as though I’d cleaned my spectacles, and a cloudy layer had gone. Every firmware development which has enthused me over the last 12 years has done so because something which was “wrong” or confusing with the sound had been taken away. I started reading this thread thinking that longer IRs might benefit recordings, and now I’m thinking “I want that in my live sound”.

Omri Bazelet

I'm actually more interested to see how the fullres will react of capturing high gain characteristics
One of the things that a great 2×12 / 4×12 does is to have that certain rumble and oomph.
And FullRes feels much more open and natural. So....


My question is if this isn't implemented on the Mk1 will that create 2 versions of firmware for the Axefx 3 to be maintained or of this the beginning of the end of updates on the Mk1?
(Btw, I would think the Mk1 would be able to run the code just fine, just never able to store or utilize the Irs)


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My question is if this isn't implemented on the Mk1 will that create 2 versions of firmware for the Axefx 3 to be maintained or of this the beginning of the end of updates on the Mk1?
(Btw, I would think the Mk1 would be able to run the code just fine, just never able to store or utilize the Irs)

Even if this feature is only on the mark 2 units, The mark 1 units would absolutely still get firmware updates for years to come. Fractal has a long, long history of supporting their products. The Axe-FX standard was updated right alongside the Ultra until they were both discontinued. Same thing with the Axe-FX II Mark 1 and 2 alongside the XL and XL+ units.

Us mark 1 owners will just have to live with some limitations. No biggie. But from my understanding, all updates pertaining to anp modeling and other big stuff will reach both units and even the FM series.

Also, I see a lot of people preemptively clearing their User 2 cabs preemptively when we have no idea if the feature will make it into Mark 1 units. Don't you think you might be setting yourself up for potential disappointment?


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Hooley but that sounds nice! Could that be achieved on the Mk1 with the far field IRs you kindly posted a while ago?
I doubt it. The IRs used in this clip are room mic IRs. They have lots of reflections. Far-field IRs have (ideally) no reflections.


I just read through 36 pages of "PLZ GIMME THIS NOW I"LL SACRIFICE ALL THE IR'S FOR THE NEW IR's", I don't think the question was ever asked from FAS lol.

Well done Cliff and co, those examples sounded phenomenal. I trust you guys to know best how to roll this out to Mk2/Mk1/FM9/FM3 users if possible. I'm a passive forum dweller but I've been watching FAS since the AxeFx Ultra days and you guys have always done what's feasible to get the goods out to everyone.


It's foolish, for a lack of a better word, to think that Fractal Audio doesn't play things close to the vest to maximize sells of each product line. If you've been around for any amount of time, you've watched it happen about ten times now. Zero heads-up for anyone interested in a purchase, and no continuity in release dates keeps everyone purchasing all the way up until the essentially the day before a new product is released. For them to release any details about anything would stall purchases until the release of the new product. You see it all the time with cell phones, televisions, gaming systems, computer parts, vehicles, etc. The list goes on. And every item on that list has a lead up and anticipation factor associated with it before it's release. That's their business model, and they can afford it as they're generally multi-billion dollar companies. Fractal Audio, not so much, but I still imagine doing well.

So yes, I am miffed the that I had no head ups on a back up unit I bought, paid the same price for it, and the updated version was released a month and a week later. There was no research I could have done to prevent this either.

That's what I'm saying. So don't turn it into something negative please. I'm a huge Fractal supporter, and I'm willing to bet I've sold more units to the musicians in my area than this forum has through the years.
This is par for the course mate, you got what you paid for. You're gonna get firmware updates for years and years and years to come. I just picked up the FM3 and then the FM9 dropped, big deal, what I got is what I wanted at the time. You can play the never ending "I'll wait for something better to come out game" and not buy anything. The fact that they support their models for 5-10+ years is utterly insane in todays consumeristic market. I get what you're saying but you've even described it in your own post, it is what it is and it's the way to do business really.

It would be nice to chuck a 1-2 week announcement buffer, but then the person who orders it 2 weeks and 1 day is annoyed... So you put a 4 week buffer and the person who ordered it 4 weeks and 1 day is annoyed. It's much of a muchness, it can happen at anytime on any purchase.

I personally picked up the AxeFX2 on preorder cause I was looking at grabbing the Ultra for a few years. Had that up until a few months back when I got the FM3. As much as I want an AxeFx3 I know i'm sorted for the current stage. When/If a Axe4 comes out I'll be chucking a preorder down as it'll be a nice jump.
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