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The only possibility would be to change the User 2 bank to a User FR bank. So you would give up 1024 User IR slots in exchange for 32 FullRes user slots.
Would it be possible to make this an option for the user, so they can give up 1024 User IR slots for 32 Full Res user slots only if they choose to, or keep them if they choose to?

Having 2048 user IR slots was one of the selling points that made me buy the Axe FXIII is the first place. I then filled up almost all of the user slots with Cab Packs I bought from Fractal and others.

I'm fine with having FullRes IRs only on the Axe FXIII mkII. A good reason to buy a mkII.

How many FullRes IRs will the Axe FXIII mkII be able to hold?

ben ifin

TBH, it's really hard for me to judge how important this would be for me without hearing direct comparisons, or ideally, playing through both.

I personally don't use IEMs, and I'm not in headphones, and if I'm recording, I'm not dependent on the Axe for spacial placement.

Is this still important to me? Is it worth trading half my user cab storage for 32 new-gen IRs I've never heard, and that aren't available yet from anyone?

DO NOT think I'm ragging on Cliff or Fractal! I have enormous respect and gratitude for what they've created here. I'm simply asking the logical questions as they apply to me.

In your stated case ..... no

Fractal have made it very clear that these are not "made" / "designed" for live use - unless you will want or prefer the sound of a baked-in room in your IR playing into a real room with its own different real room reflections ie: IR with room reflections played into a real room with with its own totally different real room reflections (!) As I've said before, would you ever [live] mic up a FRFR Cab that was already playing back an IR with the mic baked in [ as they all are ] (?)

For I.E on stage Monitoring I can see a use whilst feeding your normal IR sound to FOH.

For home recording and bedroom-level and headphone playing I can also see a use.

And as a very general principle "more options" always give you "more options" :)

All the best,


What i ment to say is, putting the same Highres IR through Fullres (reamp) should make no difference as the IR has still the length of Highres so its got the same tone and length. I could be mistaken, but he was talking about the "same" IR
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Would it be possible to make the user chose which bank to lose for the FullRes IRs? I am not using the factory banks at all.


But could not be created in the fractal site a "page" where this super ultra res are loaded and could be picked and downloaded by fractal users according to their needs? Maybe you need only one of a specific cab mic..


As Cliff has mentioned, using factory banks would create a mess with presets that use factory IRs
I'm not using the factory presets either. If an option is presented to the individual user when updating, I would choose one of the factory banks. If this is not possible, I can gladly give some space from my user banks.


While not using the factory presets (except when I use them as a reference while dialing, not to go too astray beacause of ear fatigue), instead of the factory presets and IR's, User Bank 2 is much more spendable IMHO.


I have beccome quite happy with my current sounds from the Axe-FX III. i didn't hear anything in Cliff's audio files that makes all gooey and wet inside and kicks in my "got to have that," reflex.

I cuurently have one 114 presets loaded into my Axe, and probably use 8-10 regularly. Less than half the user cab slots are filled, and I have maybe a dozen cabs used in current presets.

I'm a hard pass on AITR.


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What i ment to say is, putting the same Highres IR through Fullres (reamp) should make no difference as the IR has still the length of Highres so its got the same tone and length. I could be mistaken, but he was talking about the "same" IR

You would play a riff through full-res, then simply use the same ir trimmed to ultra-res and reamp. Same thing we can do now with ultra-res vs normal-res, as we can select length of the ir in the cab block or with cab lab.
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