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Joe Bfstplk

If the banks were able to be variable rather than fixed in size based on your usage we could have a winner
Maybe reduce both banks to 512 so the user address space still has User1 and User2, or make that an option alongside just dropping User2. For a while, until my unit got more IRs added, I was using User1 for IRs that came with presets I had downloaded or purchased and User2 for IRs I personally shot, or mixed from purchased IRs via CabLab or MixIR in Logic. It is handy to have two User banks, so an option to reduce size of both instead if just dropping one would be cool for people using the two banks as a sorting method....
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I'd be cool with the Axe-Fx III Mk I being reconfigured to support 1024 User IRs and 32 FullRes IRs. I haven't even come close to filling up even one User IR bank, personally.

And just for the record @FractalAudio , there might be a very small minority of people complaining that the Axe-Fx III wasn't designed in the future and then sent back in time to satisfy "future proofing" but I don't think there are very many people overall thinking that.

However, even if some people are thinking that way, I think that's just the Hedonic Treadmill talking. If you step back and consider the fact that the Axe-Fx III Mk I was designed to hold over two thousand rewritable User IR slots at launch, which is what allows for the current conversation about reconfiguring the second User bank to even be a possibility... that's as good as any future proofing could have been in my opinion, and is arguably more than sufficient.

32 FullRes IR slots is a lot. What's happening is that this number is being compared to the "thousands" of the Axe's baked-in IRs, so it might not seem like that much, but when you consider that these are infinitely rewritable IR slots, and that most people only find and stick with a couple dozen close-mic'd IRs AT MOST overall, I think 32 infinitely re-writable IR slots specifically devoted to the niche task of simulating room ambience (to be used alongside whatever IRs people use for "close mic" sounds) is more than enough.

What I'm saying is that the answer for these people is that the Axe-Fx III Mk I has been future proofed, and the fact that reconfiguration to accommodate the new tech is even a conversation is evidence of that.
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My name is mud

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You know the effect in these irs seems to be special and not for everyone use . We are asking for it but maybe none of us will use it . If we don’t have it doesn’t matter . We can simulate the room sound with the parameters . The only think I am happy to read is that there is enough space to firmware updates , that’s all that matters to me. New amps , new effects , corrections … for me the product is new, I forgot it’s already 5 years old.


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Too bad it sounds like this isn't something where it's just compatible and one could just put in the IR and have it occupy 32 slots along side normal / Ultra rez IRs without a dedicated "bank"


That would be a nightmare. It would break the factory presets and many of the user's presets.

The only possibility would be to change the User 2 bank to a User FR bank. So you would give up 1024 User IR slots in exchange for 32 FullRes user slots.
Does it have to be all or nothing? Could it be possible to allow a mix of FullRes and regular in the same bank?

For example, let’s say you could install 3 or so FullRes and use the rest of the space available for normal IRs? The more FullRes IRs you use in that bank the less space would be available for normal IRs in that bank.

If you chose to install no FulRes IRs you could then have a full 1024 slots for normal IRs. Conversely each FullRes IR you install, up to 32, reduces the space available for regular IRs by that ratio. Just a thought.

Kamil Kisiel

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Some answers:

1. This will currently only be available on the Axe-Fx III Mark II. Our other products do not have the NV memory to store the large IRs. I will look into ways of possibly supporting this on the other products. The Mark II has double the NV memory of the Mark I. All the NV memory on the Mark I is allocated. If the demand is great enough one possibility is to reduce the number of slots in the User IR banks and allocate the freed memory to FullRes slots.
I would gladly give up a bunch of user IR space on my MK I to have support for this feature. As it stands I only use a few user cabs (couple from LT and some acoustic guitar IRs). Would love to be able to use this and not have to upgrade to the MK II just yet :)

Greg Ferguson

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OTOH on the headphones I guess it must be enormous to have that sound but headphones will not bring the feedback that interacts with the strings like a backline amp would
I use headphones a lot because quiet is very desired in our house. The .mp3 samples are interesting and definitely sounded more like an amp in the room, but I think I'd stick with the current sound of the cabs.

And, there are definitely times I'd swear my guitar was going to feedback with the headphones on; The octave would start to whine and I'd think cooool. It's probably a combination of the amp model, and the Out Comp Type setting, but it's pretty realistic.


Name a competing product with an expansion slot.
I always felt like Universal Audio with their Apollos and expansion hardware units could have turned into a competitor but they don't seem interested in going that direction.

Not suggesting the hardware expansions that UA has done are the right path for Fractal but it does seem like the Axe units utilize their memory up before the processors become obsolete so a way to expand the memory on existing units could be useful.

Greg Ferguson

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The only possibility would be to change the User 2 bank to a User FR bank. So you would give up 1024 User IR slots in exchange for 32 FullRes user slots.
While I think they sound interesting, I wouldn't use them because I want to maintain as much preset compatibility as I can between my FM3, FX3 and FM9 when it arrives. So, I vote for having a system setting that toggles that space allocation.
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