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Wish Ah, now should we be able to develop the "Hyper Space Pedal preset"?


Man if this pedal were to ever be made available to the public it would be more annoying than EVH playing with a sustainer on porn movies:eek:

Because you know that everyone would buy one and we would hear it everywhere. It's just that freakin' cool. Maybe why he never let it out into the world?


I already made it...pretty accurate too....
It’s can also double as the Yngwie “Hot On Your Heels” intro blade sound....

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Fractal Fanatic
The only HSP I've built that works well uses the db Instruments 4E dual-axis pedal and the UAD-2 EP-34 Echoplex plugin. I have to host it in Reaper with the JS: utility/bufsave plugin so I can have access to the feedback loop. The behavior of the Echoplex when you adjust the delay time (especially when decreasing it rapidly) is crucial. The UAD EP-34 has it very close.

I'm curious as to what the future holds for the Axe III in this application. The HSP relies on specific characteristics unique to the Echoplex's sliding record head. The UAD model is the closest I've seen yet.
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I did a very good Hyperspace effect once. I'll see if I can find it.

****Cool M@ . . . you may have played it over the phone to me a few yrs back. As mentioned, I couldnt hear it tho.

Once Axe-Edit III is released, my plan is to go through the archives and migrate everything into a free "M@ Preset Pack".

****Thats a totally Wow BINGO !! Thank you!


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