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AE 3.0 - Reflection of external MIDI Input


First of all: Thank you FAS for FW11 - the Axe never sounded better - all amps! Some of the new presets are killer as well, like i.e. the Dual Clean.

AE 3.0 also works really well for me and I am glad that the wait is finally over.

One thing I noticed though is that on external MIDI Input like from my FCB1010 or Scrutinizer's Lemur template, the FX enabled / disabled state or individual block parameters are not updated in AE. I thought that AE does in "real-time" reflect whatever happens in the Axe when connected? Like before, block status changes (e.g. record / play) do work with the looper in AE, so it seems generally possible. As I have no MFC, I wonder if AE is also not updated with MFC commands?

Is this going to be added with future releases of AE? I think it would be a real beneficial feature for the workflow as typically one modifies parameters with AE and then checks results with hands AND feet. IMHO a "refresh" in AE would be highly desirable.

Also: While there are sufficient workarounds, will midi merge be re-introduced at one point in AE?

As stated before, the FW11 & AE 3.0 are great - now back to my "regulary scheduled program" - playing the Axe! :)
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