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Advice Tweaking VHT 2150 (2902 users welcome)


New Member
Hey guys,

Finally got my VHT 2150 (kind of like a higher wattage 2902 if you haven't heard of it. I know I didn't before I bought one). Been running the output of the Axe FX relatively low with the volume on the power amp at around 10-11 o'clock. I like what that does to the tone. Also changing the tubes in the patches to KT88s seems to help as well. Going to be running into an Avatar Signature with V30/GK100s in stereo (each of two guitar amps gets it's own channel).

Does anyone have any advice regarding how they have run their units? Has anyone tried 6550's on one side and kt88s on the other? I feel like the Diezel models would sound crazy through that setup.
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