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Wish Advanced search - search content (e.g., amp, effect, cab name)


Power User
This wish is for an advanced search that would allow finding presets with various components, for example, all presets with the "Brit JM45" amp.

A few suggestions on how to implement:

- simple UI way : add a checkbox that says "search contents" (default disabled). When enabled, search the "type" field of every block as well. Consider the cab name as the "type" and search it.

- complicated UI way : add an "advanced search" screen. Show a field for patch name, block type, cab name. Only search blocks for block type field, cabs for cat name, etc.

- uber complicated UI way : add an "advanced search screen". Show a field for patch name, block type, cab name. Have checkboxes for all the blocks to allow searching only Phasers and Chorus pedals. Add checkboxes for which inputs / outputs are used. So, I could search for patches using Output 2 that have a "Studio" compressor.


+1 for Scene name search

With the ability to put so much in the presets now, I find myself having multiple songs inside a single preset, but cannot put all of those song names into the Preset name.

Greg Ferguson

Yes, yes, yes, this would be very useful. There are so many times I'm trying to find a starting point for a block, knowing such things exist in the factory presets somewhere but wandering through them all to find it is a daunting task.
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