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Wish advanced amp page in axe edit


all the advanced amp parameters in axe edit so you can tweak everything remotely. even a whole page of text would be fine just like editing on the front panel, where it's got one long page of everything in one spot, with a lot of really handy duplicates


All the parameters are there. They're just not in the same location as they are in the hardware UI.

That said, I'd love a list view of all the parameters for each block available on an Advanced page for each block type in Axe Edit. Click and drag up to increase the value, click and drag down to decrease the value, double click for direct entry. That would be the bee's knees.


so you're not asking for all parameters to be present in Edit - because they already are.

you're asking for a single page/tab with all parameters in it at once. those are 2 different things.
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