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Adjusting the bass for studio monitors


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Hello, I am new here, just got my Axe-Fx.

I am playing it through PC with Creative Soundcard and KRK VXT4 studio speakers.

I am satisfied with the sound I get, but I am experiencing the same problem I had with Line6 POD or Guitar Rig 4.
When playing loud, I get too much bass from my KRK`s. For example if I play mutted distorted low-end notes it seems like the KRK studio speakers are shaking from the inside. If I turn the volume up I get them to clip.
Nothing big here, but a bit disturbing.

KRK customer support says that my room acoustics are not calibrated, so I took my whole system to some other place and the problem was still there. Too much bass.

I hope Axe-Fx has an equalizer built in that can reduce those basses and not harm my overall sound.
I scrolled through parametric EQ in the Axe but I didn`t know which knobs to turn to solve this issue.
Can anyone help me a bit?

PS: The speakers are fine, I know a guy who plays Triaxis with KRK VXT 4 (older model) on a 7-string guitar and has no problems with the bass.

PSS: I have no EQ on KRK`s or the soundcard.


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you have your speakers sitting directly on the table, which will start to resonate at certain frequencies. get two iso pads
THE T.AKUSTIK ISO-PAD 5 - Thomann UK Cyberstore


you should also buy monitor stands and make sure the monitors aren't too close to the wall or - much worse - a corner.

your Input1 is too low :D
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I put two similar pads (I found in the basement) under the monitors and the difference is quite impressing.
My speakers really shoudn`t be sitting on the desk.

Funny that the guy with the triaxis has them directly on the table but without bass overdose.

Thanks for the help, man!


The Triaxis is not a modeling system AFAIK, though he may be using some external cab simulator. Glad the foam is working, note also you have two separate Global GEQ's available from the global menu on the AxeFX. I usually roll off some low end, especially the lowest freq, when running through Full Range systems. This is a quick way to match up your tones with various FOH or monitoring systems.


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Yes, triaxis in only a preamp and does not have a speaker simulator. The guy I talked about uses speaker simulator from Revalver on his PC.

I will try the tips you have written. Thanks!
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