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Adjusting Patches


I've been trying to set up a few of my own patches. When I do this I really just start with an amp and a cab and then start messing with amp settings. I've noticed that when I change to a different amp it then keeps the same settings on the amp from the one I had before. How do I reset that so it's back to default? It appears most of the amp defaults are set up with a low master volume? My patches are for a bedroom so they aren't that loud. Am I best to raise the master to make it louder or just mess with the level? Do most people crank the master or the gain or just stick an overdrive in front of the amp? I've also noticed for example that you can cut of low frequencies in at least 3 different places, does it matter which one you do? Thanks, V15 does sound better to me than V14.


Fractal Fanatic
the advanced parameters change but basics like BMT don't . If you press bypass twice it will reset those controls as well. Most master volume amps had a pretty low master by default


Mess with the level. Master volume will work like real amp and do more than just amps level parameter. It will add compression and distortion.

For the parameters that don't change when you select a new amp, it means there is no default for them. Things like bright switch, depth, master volume, presence, advanced parameters, will change when you select a new preset.

If you want those parameters that do not change with an amps selection to be set at 12:00, double click or hold down the bypass button (make sure bypass doesn't stay selected when done) or use Axe-edit and under the block drop down there should be something like initialize block.
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